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All your Micro Markets Security needs with our

Automated Retail Management System (ARMS)


AI-Powered Technology
Cutting Edge Technology

AI - Powered Technology

Advanced Alerts

Cutting Edge Technology

Actionable Insights

ARMS is designed to address the pain points faced by businesses in the unattended retail industry, providing unparalleled theft detection and management solutions. This cutting-edge system sets ProWatch Solutions apart from its competitors, offering innovative AI-driven technology that ensures the highest level of security and operational efficiency for unattended retail businesses.

What is ARMS?

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A Partnership with ProWatch Solutions means:

Solving Loss Prevention Challenges

Customized Theft Identification Options

Led by Industry Experts

Consultative Approach

Improve Operational Efficiency

Increased Revenue

Built by Professionals, for Professionals

ProWatch Solutions uses AI and other analytic tools to provide security and theft monitoring services for the unattended retail industry.  Our solution, which leverages integrations with industry leading cloud camera products in tandem with our proprietary SaaS platform for back-end monitoring and theft identification, provides the micro market operator insight into their markets and solutions for theft identification and deterrence.  Our mission is to reduce theft in micro markets on average by 4%-6%.

Combat Retail Shrinkage through the use of meaningful insights and analytics.

“As a result of working with many vending and micro market operators over the years,  I noticed the difficulty they were having identifying and documenting theft, and their trouble managing unattended markets. ARMS was developed to help operators resolve these problems."

- Mark Kronenberg, founder and President of ProWatch Solutions

Get All the Tools You Need In a Single Platform

ARMS gives you the
visibility and insight
into your Markets like never before.


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